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The Schnabel House, by (st)architect Frank Gehry, is a property that you must walk through in order to properly appreciate it. And if you’re the type that likes to own things that are truly...

526 N. Carmelina Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049   $10,495,000   5 BR,   5 BA
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For fans of the Wright architecture dynasty, especially those who live on the west side, you’ll be happy to learn that the Warwick Evans House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Jr., just came on the market...

12036 Benmore Ter, Los Angeles, CA 90049   $5,295,000   4 BR,   4 BA
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Few housing developments bear a signature that is as distinctive as those by the renowned builder Joseph Eichler, who built over 11,000 homes between 1950 and 1974. Only three of those...

17013 Lisette St, Granada Hills, CA 91344   $750,000   5 BR,   2 BA
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A couple years ago I blogged about the Hollywood High Tower, a campanile style elevator tower...

2175 Broadview Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90068   $1,159,000   2 BR,   2 BA
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When evaluating a property, one really ought to consider the entire package: the neighborhood, the site, the views, the grounds, and of course, the house. And in this case, the house alone is...

4791 Bonvue Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027   $2,995,000   3 BR,   2 BA
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Let’s say you’re on the fence about whether you want to plant your roots in SoCal’s beachfront bohemian capitol, otherwise known as Venice, or the über charming Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa...

209 Rennie Ave, Venice, CA 90291   $1,849,000   3 BR,   2 BA
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Jiminy cricket! Come check out this house in person and I guarantee your stay will be longer than your typical open house. This is true in part simply because it’s huge. With 3 floors and 4,746...

904 Mayo St, Los Angeles, CA 90042   $1,100,000   6 BR,   3 BA
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Trust me, a tour of this home will make your heart flutter. The list of things that I love about this Mission-inspired home is long, but it starts with the basics. That is, this home is eminently...

5500 Tuxedo Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90068   $4,750,000   4 BR,   4 BA
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Boy, oh boy. Talk about a phenomenal use of a parcel of land. Maybe the best way to begin appreciating the Alden Schwimmer Residence by John Lautner is to jump to the bottom of this post and...

1435 Bella Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210   $21,000,000   5 BR,   6 BA
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Yesterday, for the second time in a week, a Neutra home hit the market on the eastside. This time it’s the Alpha Wirin Residence in Los Feliz and it’s a sterling restoration guided by Mark...

2622 Glendower Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027   $4,500,000   2 BR,   3 BA
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