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It’s not uncommon to find a home with architectural pedigree that’s been updated and, as a result, all of the original character has been erased or somehow ruined in the process. Well that’s...

12345 Deerbrook Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90049   $9,377,550   5 BR,   4 BA
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A home’s merits are often, and rightfully, attributed to the architect that designed it. But there are also homes whose wonder can be attributed to those that inhabited them. I don’t know if I’ve...

2732 Hollyridge Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068   $1,269,000   3 BR,   2 BA
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“Home as Art” is an expression that is a bit overused, I think. But if there’s ever been a company whose remodeled homes can be described this way, it’s Re-Inhabit. This time, it’s a 2BR / 2 BA...

3145 Atwater Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039   $689,000   2 BR,   2 BA
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Los Angeles has no shortage of Spanish style homes and though I’ve been looking for one to blog about, I just hadn’t come across anything in the past couple weeks that I found to be inspiring....

3227 Tica Dr, Los Angeles, CA. 90027   3 BR,   2.5 BA
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First off, this house has no connection to the Crayola company - at least not that I know of.  I call it The Crayola House for obvious reasons.  The paint colors selected for the exterior are...

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