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A Shining Tudor in Silver Lake

Often the perceived quality of a remodeled home is associated with the degree to which the updated home maintains its original features and character. This is particularly true the older the home is. But what I’m a huge fan of is when a remodel simultaneously maintains the home's original character while seamlessly embracing contemporary elements. That’s precisely what this new listing on Waverly Drive in Silver Lake accomplishes in a big way.

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Storybook Enchantment in Mt Olympus

This 1929 Tudor has an element of storybook charm, for sure. But, combine its style with its setting and you have enchantment. It’s tucked away (and I mean tucked) into a hillside of the Mount Olympus neighborhood, surrounded by lush greenery. And yet, because it’s situated on the east side of the Canyon with a southwest exposure, the property receives plenty of sunlight. Reading Hansel and Gretel to your kids here would be a feast for their imaginations.

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