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Architect Schmarketect - Episode 3: Case Study House Program

For everyone who has heard of the Case Study House program, but never really understood what it refers to, Tamar and I break it break it down for you, and then zero in on 3 particular homes from that famous experiment in residential architecture.

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A Cape Cod with Cachet on Carroll Canal in Venice

This home does a remarkable job of combining chic, artsy, euro and beach vibes all into one package. And considering its location, you can’t ask for something more aptly designed. If you happen to get bored with the idyllic serenity of its canal setting (some people have it so rough!), you can flip a coin and walk either the few blocks west to the beach, or the few blocks east to Abbot Kinney. And when your friends come to visit, you should probably be prepared for them to stay longer than initially planned because they won’t want to leave.

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Stahl House (Case Study House #22) - Pierre Koenig, 1960

Perhaps the most widely recognized mid-century home in Los Angeles is the Stahl House by Los Angeles architect Pierre Koenig. Perched on a nearly vertical precipice in the Hollywood Hills, at the time of its construction the site was considered by many architects to be completely unsuitable for building on.

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