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The Collins House by William Kesling in Silver Lake

The Collins House by William Kesling, which just came on the market, is among a small collection of Streamline Moderne style homes designed by him that can be found at southeast end of Silver Lake. Though not formally trained, Kesling proved to be a very productive architect form 1934 to 1962 and had his office in Silver Lake. In fact, he probably walked to the Collins House from his office, which was located below it at 1639 Silver Lake Boulevard.

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William Kesling - Skinner House 1937

A couple months ago the Skinner House, by William Kesling, came on the market in Silver Lake. This week it was open for broker's caravan again and so I went for a second tour. This place is in excellent condition and its current owner has furnished - scratch that - curated the interior into a superb period showcase for this architectural gem.

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