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For everyone who has heard of the Case Study...

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David and Tamar discuss two distinctive projects by one of L.A.'s early "Modernists". See if you can guess who that architect is. 

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It’s not uncommon to find a home with architectural pedigree that’s been updated and, as a result, all of the original character has been erased or somehow ruined in the process. Well that’s...

12345 Deerbrook Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90049   $9,377,550   5 BR,   4 BA
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You know when you see something, and that's when you recognize it's your dream-something? This house is one of the most special and unique properties I've seen in LA. It sits inside the canyon...

9560 Sherwood Forest Lane, Beverly Hills CA 90210   $5,499,000   5 BR,   5 BA
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I wish I had a nickle for every time I've heard someone say something to the effect of: "Oh, man! I knew I should've pulled the trigger on that property a couple years ago." "If only this…", "if...

486 W. Patencio Ln, Palm Springs CA 92292   $2,199,000   10 BR,   11 BA
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A popular design element in midcentury modern architecture is the butterfly roof. It’s perhaps a little more common to find this feature on commercial structures than on residences. And I’m not...

1450 El Mirador Dr, Pasadena CA 91103   $2,499,000   3 BR,   3 BA
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Unlike Crestwood Hills, which I described in my previous post, Woodland Hills is not exactly an area with a densely packed collection of mid-century gems. That said, as with most of L.A., the...

4143 Cachalote St, Woodland Hills CA 91364   $1,395,000   3 BR,   3 BA
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Before we get to the house itself, I just want to share a little bit about what makes Crestwood Hills so cool for anyone that may be unfamiliar with the area. Although it’s a planned community,...

914 Bluegrass Ln, Los Angeles CA 90049   $2,450,000   3 BR,   2 BA
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Let’s head two hours east of L.A. for a spell. You guessed it, Palm Springs. No doubt you’ve heard that this desert oasis has been transforming into one of the hottest real estate markets in...

486 W. Patencio Ln, Palm Springs CA 92292   $2,560,000   10 BR,   11 BA
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