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David and Tamar discuss two distinctive projects by one of L.A.'s early "Modernists". See if you can guess who that architect is. 

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Tamar and David talk about one of the home’s featured in the B-roll of their previous video, and John Lautner architect that designed it. 

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It’s not uncommon to find a home with architectural pedigree that’s been updated and, as a result, all of the original character has been erased or somehow ruined in the process. Well that’s...

12345 Deerbrook Ln, Los Angeles, CA 90049   $9,377,550   5 BR,   4 BA
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You know when you see something, and that's when you recognize it's your dream-something? This house is one of the most special and unique properties I've seen in LA. It sits inside the canyon...

9560 Sherwood Forest Lane, Beverly Hills CA 90210   $5,499,000   5 BR,   5 BA
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I wish I had a nickle for every time I've heard someone say something to the effect of: "Oh, man! I knew I should've pulled the trigger on that property a couple years ago." "If only this…", "if...

486 W. Patencio Ln, Palm Springs CA 92292   $2,199,000   10 BR,   11 BA
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A popular design element in midcentury modern architecture is the butterfly roof. It’s perhaps a little more common to find this feature on commercial structures than on residences. And I’m not...

1450 El Mirador Dr, Pasadena CA 91103   $2,499,000   3 BR,   3 BA
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Bespoke? David and Tamar talk about how they do what they do. 

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In you want to live in mid-city, it’s hard to find a better neighborhood than Windsor Square/Hancock Park. Broad, tree-covered streets lined with sidewalks and grand, historic homes, and a...

416 Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles CA 90020   $2,095,000   4 BR,   3 BA
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