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No question, Los Angeles is an amazing place to live. Besides the weather, which will disarm and seduce even the most intransigent of Northeast souls, the breadth and scope of the city's offerings will engage your spirit for living like no other. It really is no wonder that nearly 4 million people call this place home. Angeleno Living is dedicated to unraveling, and reveling in, our wondrous city as it relates to planting your own roots.

Eastside? Westside? Hills? Valley? Freeway access? Proximity to studios? Schools? Walkability? There's so much to consider when deciding where you will make your home. Hopefully, you'll find this site to be a useful and engaging tool as you begin this process. Explore neighborhoods. Search for properties. Read the blog (and contribute!). Follow the stories and photo essays on featured homes and neighborhoods, interviews with business owners, architects and residents, and learn from the many informative posts on practical matters related to the process of buying or selling a home.

We're realtors with PLG Estates. We love LA and love what we do. If we can personally be of help to you in any way related to real estate, call us at 323.497.7555 (David) or 310.750.7994 (Tamar).

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